Teaching Is One Of The Most Rewarding Career In The World

When I was young, I was inspired by several of my teachers. They were role models for me and they taught me many important values and lessons. As I became older, I felt that I would like to pay it forward, by taking up teaching as a career, and becoming a role model to young adults, and in doing so, I hope to be able to shape their mind and perspective of life in some way.

I moved to Singapore several months ago, and i’m now teaching English in a private school. I genuinely enjoy interacting with my young students, and everyday is a truly rewarding experience. Recently, our school constructed an outdoor stage where students can perform and practice their public speaking. The whole process of furnishing the place went really smoothly.

I have been a teacher for approximately 5 years, and all throughout my career, I’ve met many individuals who were passionate about teach. When I meet a fellow teacher, I’m always interested to know why they became a teach, and what part of their teaching job they found the most rewarding.

Just the other day, I was talking to my Singaporean colleague about how the locals could get into teaching, and she told me that interested individuals could apply with National Institute Of Education. I went to take a look at the website and I felt that the programmes were really good. It’s definitely something that would encourage the younger generation to take up teaching.

I am really excited to be teaching in my new school, many of my colleagues are quite young and they have a great outlook. The school is also continually upgrading its facilities, and we’ll soon have larger classrooms that look like this.

If you’re interested in teaching English, you can check out the teacher training courses and workshops offered at British Council.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my thoughts about teaching. I look forward to updating my blog regularly, and sharing more of my experience with you.

Is An MBA A Worthwhile Investment?

A friend of mine recently shared with me that she was thinking about getting an MBA education, to help her get further in her career in the company. She asked me if it was the right decision to make, and whether I would study for an MBA if given the opportunity. I told her that I felt that the relevance and usefulness of an MBA will largely depend on the individual and the path in his/her career that the person wish to take.

I know several friends who are business owners; an MBA wouldn’t be at the top of their list because it doesn’t bring immediate value to them, to help them in the everyday running of their companies. On the other hand, for exeuctives and professionals working in big multi national corporations, an MBA is essential if you wish to climb up the corporate ladder, and assume the role of a c-suite executive.

Another thing that I ask her to consider was the opportunity cost of an MBA. Most people who study for an MBA are actually very much able to work and earn a decent amount of income. But when you’re studying for an MBA full time, you’ll be giving that up, so in additional to the school fees, you’ve got to consider the potential salary that you’re forgoing.

I also advised my friend to only aim for the best MBA schools, and not to waste her time with mediocre schools that would accept anybody. I referred her to an incredibly helpful website here, which lists the top MBA programs. If you go to an unrecognised institution, you’ll be wasting a lot of your time and money, because at the end of the day, if your employer doesn’t recognise your certificate, you won’t get that increase in salary that you hope to get with an MBA.

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